These are examples of gardens designed, built and planted recently showing a range of styles, detailing and planting.

Lunch Terrace Snazziest Garden
Large Country Garden The Snazziest Garden

All images are the © copyright of Marianne Majerus.

Classic Country Garden
Grand garden in Ilkley
Cottage Garden
Brick detailing nr. York
So chic and neat
Quarry Garden
Modern terraced garden
Detailing matters
Stately front garden
Gentle curves
Listed building borders
Suburban Splendour
Hillside Garden with curved glass balcony
Georgian Town House
Dainty Detached
Wildlife Friendly
The Canal Gardens
Handsome Harrogate garden
Intimate Spaces
Simple Elegance
Terraced Woodland
Courtyard garden with camomile lawn
Lavender Borders
Courtyard Garden
Small but perfectly formed
Even smaller and just as perfect
Harrogate Spring Flower Show
Large Country Garden
The Snazziest garden August 2010