The Snazziest Garden

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All images are the © copyright of Marianne Majerus.

This garden complements a contemporary house in Ilkley. It is built into a hillside and has both a morning and evening terrace linked with a walkway that sashays through bold planting. The dry stone walls celebrate the Yorkshire craft and the raised deck provides space to sit and sunbathe. The planting lightens a dark space and surrounds the terraces with dramatic foliage. A small platform has been built to house artworks that will be lit at night. The planting is nearly finished!! O.K. planting finished and a letter received today (31.8.2010)from John and Mary reads Dear Frances, Your design has turned an unusable and unsightly area into a beautiful space that we are going to be able to use, view and enjoy all year round. I was somewhat freaked out by the suggestion that we should open the area up back to the wall thinking about the amount of garden there would be! How right you were though and we just love the views we have from the house. We're eagerly anticipating seeing the plants grow and the different things we'll see through the seasons. We are absolutely delighted with the result that you and Chris and his team worked so hard to achieve. Thank you so much. John and Mary